A Medical Mission to Lebialem to be led by CNN Hero Dr Georges Bwelle

Gbm_follow_up_Medical_missionThe Gabriel Bebonbechem Foundation & Center for Epilepsy & Mental wellbeing in partnership with the Otabong Asaba Association (OCA) for diabetes and empowerment of the Woman & the Girl Child, is organizing another medical mission to the Lebialem Division in the South West Region for the 22nd and 23rdof April 2017. The mission will be hosted by the Mary Health of Africa Hospital, Fontem.

The aim of the medical mission is to carry out consultations, diagnosis and treatment by a team of medical experts on a wide range of diseases with highlight on epilepsy, and diabetes. Other common illnesses plaguing our people such as cancer will be examined. The medical mission will raise awareness and sensitize the population on epilepsy, and its attending stigma, diabetes,cancer, and share knowledge on general health care. This medical mission will be led by the medical team of CNN Hero Doctor Georges Bwele of ASCOVIME and his team of specialists. We are expecting a massive turn out from the entire Lebialem and its environs including neighboring Manyu and Njongo.

get-involvedWe are therefore writing to inform the general public of this noble mission; and to solicit sponsorship and support from our partners and well-wishers to enable us support the financial and material costs associated with this important project. 

Find out ways by which you can get involved to support us for this project and several others.

We remain yours sincerely,

Me. Marie A. Abanga

Country Director Gbm-em Foundation & Center

CC: Bibiana M Taku Programme Director


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